Thank you to Karen Ni, whose own "Now" page inspired me to create my own page as a personal reminder of what I'm up to.

Cultivating A DIY Design Lesson Plan
Inspired by Katherine Liu's medium article from 2016 (as I've been for the last year), I'm setting a lesson plan for myself to learn the following over winter break: motion graphics, React.js, and barba.js. For React, I'll be using Meng To's online book, Design + Code! (learn with me)

Being More Mindful of Accessibility Needs
Over winter break, I'll be implementing visual accessibility standards for my own portfolio, and trying to be more mindful of overall accessibility standards.

Reading, a lot
Right now, I'm reading Design is Storytelling, by Ellen Lupton, Brotopia, by Emily Chang, and The Defining Decade by Meg Jay.

I'm looking forward to taking courses that interest me and intersect with design.