About Me
Nice to meet ya! I’m currently a junior studying Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Design Innovation at UC Berkeley. I recently worked at Adobe as a product design intern on the Lightroom team, where I had the incredible opportunity to design for the future of their onboarding and home experiences (as well as work on a couple other side projects while I was there). I'm really excited say that I'll be joining Facebook as a product design intern this summer!

Ever since I serendipitously took the human-centered design decal fall of my first year (run by Berkeley Innovation, go take it!), I’ve been deeply passionate about problem-solving and design thinking. I am fascinated by the intersection of art and technology, and how this combination can be used to create delightful, meaningful experiences. When I’m not designing or sleeping, you can probably find me eating Thai food, skating to class, listening to 99 Percent Invisible, or coding up a new version of this website.

Some stuff I'm doing on-campus right now:
Some stuff I've done on-campus previously: